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The price of being a digitalized nation

A new report produced by The National Criminal Investigation Service and the Norwegian Police Security Service has concluded that the police do not have the capacity to manage the scope of cyber crime Norwegian businesses and individuals fall victim to.

The report, which was commissioned by the National Police Directorate, highlights a major challenge for law enforcement – a challenge which holds a particular precedence in Norway due to the fact that the country has become extremely digitalized in recent years. Though this has its obvious benefits, like not having to wait for weeks to open a bank account or having bureaucratic services made both easier and more efficient than in most other countries, this digitalization has also made Norway particularly vulnerable to cyber crime.

A major problem here is that criminals benefit from the use of new technologies while law enforcement is simply not able to keep up. By the time law enforcement has adapted to the means and strategies utilized by cyber criminals, they have already moved on to the next thing. This is not to say that law enforcement does not have people with the right skills to take on this mounting challenge, because they definitely do. The problem is that the scope of cyber crime has reached a level where the resources currently available to the police simply wont do. There is a need for further recruitment of personnel with the skills necessary to counter this issue and an investment in training for both existing and prospective personnel. As the report stresses, there is a need for emphasis on development of the relevant skill sets.

If Norway wants to continue being one of the most advanced and digitalized societies there is a need for the capacity and skills to protect what this entails, as the consequences of not doing so poses a threat to everything from civilians to businesses to governmental institutions.