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Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated…

Mark Ritson has made a living by calling out bullshit. But he does it exceptionally well. I was fortunate enough to work at one of the world’s top ad agencies, and with some of the world’s leading brands when digital media was finding its feet. I saw firsthand the transformation within big players like P&G as they went from having to impose quotas for “digital” spend, to every marketeer wanting their own shiny interactive idea if they wanted to climb to the next level. And now we see the pendulum returning to its correct place: somewhere in the middle. The fact is that for the foreseeable future there will continue to be a role for TV in the big brand marketing mix, but now it needs to do a distinct job in concert with other touchpoints. This is great news for both advertisers and agencies who can embrace the power of the simple, focused TV spot rather than asking it to do 7 different jobs in one easy hit.