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James Libson on Denial: ‘I thought we’d beaten hate — I was wrong’

James Libson was part of the legal team that acted for Deborah Lipstadt when David Irving sued her for libel. As a film about the case is released he is shocked by some responses.

This month sees the UK release of Denial, a film based on Professor Deborah Lipstadt’s book about the libel case brought against her in London by the Holocaust denier, David Irving, which came to trial in 2000.  I was one of Deborah’s lawyers, and 2000 feels longer ago than 17 years.  A world pre 9/11, pre the ubiquity of social media and, for Jews, pre the emergence of much-debated new forms of antisemitism.

I was a youngish lawyer, nine years into my career and I knew, even then, that the case was one of the most exciting and important I would be involved in. We won, convincingly.

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