Stella Creasy MP


Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow on the concept of post-truth and the tension between expressing an opinion and caring about the facts and how 21st century public discourse needs an adjustment.

Mishcon Academy: What is “Post-Truth”?
Stella Creasy MP

A more recent term that we’ve heard time again, in fact I think it’s the word of the year for 2016, is “Post-Truth”.  Does that mean anything to you?  Do you buy it?

Stella Creasy MP
MP for Walthamstow

I wish I knew what pre-truth was to know how we got to truth and beyond it.  Certainly, I think it’s really important that you don’t presume other people can’t think critically in the way that you think critically that you can’t investigate a source.

I do think we are getting to a point now where we have to have a debate about what we think of as evidence and also what we think of as an opinion.  Both are important.  One of the frustrations I have is the idea that somehow some of us aren’t allowed to have an opinion because only if you can stack it up with a fact that is peer reviewed and empirically quantifiable, is it acceptable?

You know, I am allowed opinions, you are allowed opinions, you also should be looking for fact and evidence to be able to have a debate and a discussion.  In our current public sphere the space to have that is shrinking so we do need a different type of public sphere in which people take responsibility themselves for the kind of debates, the discussions that we are having, at a local, micro grass roots level and indeed an international level.