James Libson, Mishcon de Reya


Mishcon de Reya Partner James Libson on the perniciousness of post-truth and the ways in which the Lipstadt trial tested the truth in the courts.

Mishcon Academy:
What is “Post Truth”?
James Libson, Partner, Mishcon de Reya

What do you make of the phrase “Post Truth”?

James Libson
Mishcon de Reya

I think it is a hateful phrase, I think it’s a justification for lying, it’s a justification for people to be able to say things that are either not true or half truths and to say that truth is a relative an unimportant matter.  As a lawyer and a citizen I think it has become a hateful phrase and a hateful concept.  What we’ve seen recently in the post truth society, in this vile phrase of post truth in common circulation, is a worrying phenomenon and courts are the place where truth is tested and this was a forum where truth was tested and the truth of the way in which a historian presented history that was being tested, and so I think a film that stands for truth and the way in which you establish truth is a good thing nowadays.