In Conversation with Marie-Christine Nibagwire

The Academy welcomed Marie-Christine Nibagwire, Founder of the charity Saferefugerwanda. A genocide survivor, Marie-Christine Nibagwire arrived in the United Kingdom in 1998 after unsuccessfully seeking asylum in three other countries. She enrolled in an intensive three-month business course and found a job as a Procurement Administrator at Eurostar. Free travel on the rail company’s lines allowed her to visit other refugees around Europe. In 2001, she quit her job and founded Safrefugerwanda; a charity that helps refugees and survivors of the Rwandan genocide to rebuild their lives and integrate into Western society. Marie-Christine joined Executive Partner James Libson, to discuss her experience of forced migration, the resilience of refugees and her work with survivors of the Rwandan genocide. She reflected on the number of refugee is surging worldwide, and the plight of those displaced from their homelands in recent years.