Plan A or Plan B? Deal or No Deal?

How likely is Plan A to come to fruition? And what impact will Plan B have on UK businesses? Let’s look at what lies ahead in the coming months.

Brexit and the European Elections

Elections for the European Parliament are upon us. Prime Minister May has announced that the UK will participate. Given that the country was supposed

The Brady Amendment and the Malthouse Compromise

As 2019 continues the old Brexit terms, such as four freedoms, customs union, free movement, Withdrawal Agreement and backstop, are increasingly being

Anyone for Chequers?

A week is a long time in politics...

EU slides on Customs controls and future relationship

The EU is quietly but surely progressing with its Brexit preparations.

“The hand of history will be both heavy and unforgiving”: the impact of Brexit on Ireland and Northern Ireland

Brexit will have many impacts. But perhaps one of the most significant ones concerns the o

A beast of a week

This week is turning out to be a beast of a week for Brexit.

Fazed by Phase 1?

In October this year Prime Minster Theresa May appeared confident about developing a deep and special partnership with the EU – stating plainly "the

They have spoken!

Juncker, May, Macron, Merkel, May again. They have all said a lot about Europe in recent days.

So, where are we now?

So 13 months after the Referendum and four months after the triggering of Article 50, we have just under 20 months left until Exit Day.