In Conversation with Gina Miller

Gina Miller talks to James Libson, the lead lawyer on the case, about the Article 50 legal challenge.

Can Article 50 be untriggered – a question of politics or law?

We hear so often in our lives, “the law is the law”, yet when politicians are involved things are less clear.

Short documentary on the Article 50 Legal Challenge

Vice News produced a short documentary on Gina Miller, the lead claimant in the Article 50 Legal Challenge, which broadcast on 23 January in the Unite

The Article 50 legal challenge

On 24 January, the Supreme Court decided, by a majority of eight judges to three, that the

A once in a generation constitutional case

The Article 50 case was unique in many senses.

Article 50 Legal Challenge: Supreme Court upholds High Court Decision

8 of 11 Supreme Court Judges at the Supreme Court upheld the decision of the High Court...

Article 50 litigation

Putting a spotlight on the UK’s constitution

Article 50 legal challenge: Q&A November 2016

On Thursday 3 November, the High Court ruled in favour of our client that the government acting alone cannot trigger Article 50 – the mechanism by w

Article 50 Legal Challenge

Being heard at the Supreme Court from 5 - 8 December…

Article 50 process on Brexit faces legal challenge to ensure parliamentary involvement

Legal steps taken to make sure Government adheres to UK Constitution