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A double-edged sword?

Sweden and Norway have in recent years made huge efforts to digitize everything from banking systems to bureaucratic procedures to postal services. Although such developments have been great in regards to efficiency and made everyday life easier, it’s also accompanied by risks.

Lately there have been several attempts at obtaining people’s bank ID. This would not only give the perpetrators access to people’s bank accounts but could additionally result in them being able to obtain other forms of personal information about the victim and enable them to, for example, sign important documents or get access to medical records. This conundrum highlights the double-edged sword that is digitalization. While it creates opportunities, we also put ourselves at risk as it arguably increases the possibility that someone will gain access to parts of our lives that most would prefer to remain private.

The potential implications such a breach could have on a person’s life should not be taken lightly. Would it therefore be worth considering alternative ways of storing information, re-evaluating the security mechanisms that are in place and/or take a small step back and weigh the gains against the potential risks?